Blulory G10 Pro

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Elevate Your Tech Style with Blulory G-10 Pro – The Epitome of Smartwatch Innovation!

Blulory G10 Pro Price: Rs 12000/-

Unlock a World of Features with Blulory G10 Pro Smartwatch – Seamlessly Blend Convenience and Style!

Blulory G10 Pro

Key Features:

  1. Bluetooth Calls: Enhance communication convenience with Bluetooth calls.
  2. IP68 Waterproof: Dive into any adventure with confidence, thanks to the IP68 waterproof feature.
  3. Local Music: Enjoy local music storage and playback directly on your smartwatch.
  4. Bluetooth LE 5.0: Experience compatibility with Bluetooth LE 5.0, ensuring seamless connectivity.
  5. Magnetic Suction Charging: Effortlessly charge your smartwatch with the magnetic suction charging mode.
  6. Fitness Tracking: Utilize the pedometer and calorie tracker for comprehensive fitness support.
  7. Sleep Monitoring: Keep tabs on your sleep patterns with advanced sleep monitoring features.
  8. Alarm Clock: Set and manage alarms with ease, with support for single and multiple alarm clocks.
  9. Stopwatch: Stay on track with your workouts using the built-in stopwatch feature.
  10. Bracelet Brightness Adjustment: Customize your bracelet’s brightness for optimal visibility.
  11. High/Low Power Modes: Switch between high-performance and low-power modes based on your needs.
  12. Multi-Sports Modes: Choose from 10 sports modes, including Outdoor Running, Indoor Cycling, and more.
  13. Sedentary Reminder: Receive reminders to stay active and avoid prolonged sitting.
  14. Call/SMS Push: Stay connected with call and SMS notifications, with individual switch control.
  15. App Notifications: Receive updates from various apps, with a separate switch for customization.
  16. WeChat Integration: Join the WeChat sports leaderboard and share your achievements.
  17. Healthy Sharing: Share your health milestones on WeChat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.
  18. Call Rejection: Easily reject unwanted calls directly from your smartwatch.
  19. Harassing Call Display: Identify nuisance calls with the built-in display feature.
  20. Dial Options: Choose from five stylish dial options to match your mood and style.
  21. Remote Control Music and Picture: Control your phone’s music playback and capture photos remotely through the app.

Unlock the full potential of your lifestyle with Blulory G10 Pro Smartwatch – Where Innovation Meets Functionality! Shop Now for a smarter and more connected experience.

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