How to Check SIM Ownership in Pakistan
How to Check SIM Ownership in Pakistan
How to Check SIM Ownership in Pakistan
How to Check SIM Ownership in Pakistan

Check Pakistani SIM Owner Details Online

For Pakistani mobile users, the good news is that checking the SIM owner’s name and CNIC number is a hassle-free process. This guide, brought to you by, will shed light on everything you need to know.

From Free-for-All to Secure Registration: The Evolution of SIM Cards

Cast your mind back to a time when acquiring a SIM card involved minimal fuss. However, a rise in unauthorized SIM usage prompted the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to take action. To combat illegal activities and enhance user safety, mandatory SIM card registration became the law. This crucial step has significantly improved the digital landscape in Pakistan.

Unmasking SIM Ownership: A Simplified SMS Method

Gone are the days of lengthy phone calls and mountains of paperwork to unearth SIM ownership details. Today, a simple SMS empowers you to access this information. Here’s how it works:

  • Open your messaging app on the SIM card in question.
  • Compose a new message.
  • In the recipient field, type 667.
  • In the message body, enter “MNP”.
  • Send the SMS.

Within moments, you’ll receive a response revealing the name and CNIC number associated with the SIM card. This service conveniently applies to all major mobile network operators in Pakistan, including Jazz, Warid, Ufone, Zong, and Telenor.

Thousands of SIM Cards Blocked: FBR's Crackdown on Non-Filers
Thousands of SIM Cards Blocked: FBR’s Crackdown on Non-Filers

Exploring Online Alternatives: A Note of Caution

While the SMS method reigns supreme, some might be curious about online options for checking SIM ownership details. Here’s where a word of caution is necessary. Various Android applications and software programs exist, but the majority lack official PTA endorsement. While they might provide the information you seek, it’s crucial to exercise discretion when using such apps.

WhatsApp Marketing Software
WhatsApp Marketing Software

The Power of Five: A Legal Limit on SIM Registrations

Pakistani law currently restricts individuals from registering more than five SIM cards under their name. This regulation helps maintain a secure and accountable mobile ecosystem.

We hope this guide from has empowered you to navigate the world of SIM card ownership in Pakistan. Now, go forth and explore the digital landscape with newfound confidence!

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