120FPS Gaming with the Infinix GT 20 Pro

120FPS Gaming with the Infinix GT 20 Pro

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Dominate the competition with the Infinix GT 20 Pro’s 120FPS display & powerful processor. Experience unmatched smoothness & conquer your favorite mobile games.

Calling all mobile gamers in Pakistan! Are you tired of choppy frame rates and sluggish performance holding you back from victory? Look no further than the Infinix GT 20 Pro, the ultimate weapon for dominating the competition.

120FPS Gaming with the Infinix GT 20 Pro

Experience Unmatched Smoothness:

The GT 20 Pro boasts a powerful combination of a MediaTek Dimensity 8200 Ultimate processor and a dedicated gaming display chip. This translates to buttery-smooth 120FPS gameplay, allowing you to react faster and dominate your opponents in even the most intense titles.

Visual Fidelity Beyond Compare:

Complementing the incredible frame rates is a stunning 144Hz FHD AMOLED display. With its vibrant colors, deep blacks, and minimal motion blur, the GT 20 Pro ensures you’re not just winning, but winning in style.

Built for Champions:

The GT 20 Pro doesn’t stop at processing power and display. It comes equipped with features specifically designed for gamers, including:

  • Shoulder buttons for enhanced control during gameplay.
  • Advanced cooling system to keep your phone from overheating during extended gaming sessions.
  • Ample RAM and storage to ensure smooth multitasking and hold all your favorite games.

Conquer the Competition with Infinix GT 20 Pro:

Whether you’re a PUBG Mobile master or a Call of Duty mobile warrior, the Infinix GT 20 Pro is your key to unlocking peak mobile gaming performance. Visit your nearest retailer or check out Infinix’s official website to learn more and get yours today!

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