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Samsung Galaxy Fit-e

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Elevate Your Fitness Journey with Samsung Galaxy Fit e: A Comprehensive Review of Features, Style, and Performance!

Samsung Galaxy Fit-e Price: Rs.7,599/-

Samsung Galaxy Fit-e

Samsung Galaxy Fit-e is a fitness-focused smartwatch designed to enhance your active lifestyle. Here are some key features:

  1. Slim and Lightweight Design:
  • Boasts a slim and lightweight design, ensuring comfort during workouts and daily activities.
  1. Durable Build:
  • Designed with durability in mind, making it resilient to the rigors of an active lifestyle.
  1. Fitness Tracking:
  • Comprehensive fitness tracking features, including step counting, distance traveled, calories burned, and sleep monitoring.
  1. Heart Rate Monitoring:
  • Real-time heart rate monitoring to help you optimize your workouts and track your overall cardiovascular health.
  1. Auto Workout Detection:
  • Automatically detects and tracks various workouts, providing insights and data on your exercise routines.
  1. Sleep Analysis:
  • Monitors your sleep patterns and provides insights into the quality of your sleep.
  1. Large AMOLED Display:
  • Features a large and vibrant AMOLED display that makes it easy to view your fitness data and notifications at a glance.
  1. Smartphone Notifications:
  • Receive call, message, and app notifications directly on your Galaxy Fit-e for seamless connectivity.
  1. Long Battery Life:
  • Offers an extended battery life, allowing you to go longer between charges and stay focused on your fitness goals.
  1. Water Resistance:
    • With a water resistance rating, the Galaxy Fit-e can withstand splashes and sweat, making it suitable for various activities.
  2. Automatic Sync with Samsung Health:
    • Automatically syncs your fitness data with the Samsung Health app, providing a centralized hub for your health and wellness information.
  3. Stress Tracking:
    • Monitors stress levels and provides breathing exercises to help manage and reduce stress.
  4. Customizable Watch Faces:
    • Personalize your Galaxy Fit-e with customizable watch faces to suit your style and preferences.
  5. Wireless Syncing:
    • Convenient wireless syncing with compatible smartphones for easy data transfer and updates.
  6. Affordable Fitness Solution:
    • Positioned as an affordable yet feature-packed fitness wearable, offering value for health-conscious individuals.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit-e is tailored for those seeking a budget-friendly fitness tracker with essential features to support an active and healthy lifestyle.

Samsung Galaxy Fit-e Details and Specifications!

SIM SupportNo
Dimensions40.2 x 16.0 mm
Strap MaterialN/A
Water ResistantN/A
Operating SystemFreeRTOS
Screen Size18.9mm
Screen Resolution128 x 64
Screen TypePMOLED
Ram128 KB
Capacity70 mAh
Battery LifeN/A

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