Galaxy Watch 3

Galaxy Watch 3

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Dive into Excellence with the Galaxy Watch3 – A Comprehensive Review of Features, Design, and Performance!

Galaxy Watch 3 Price: Rs. 50,000/-

Galaxy Watch 3

Galaxy Watch 3 by Samsung is a feature-packed smartwatch that combines style with functionality. Here are some key features 3:

  1. Premium Design:
  • The Galaxy Watch 3 boasts a sophisticated and premium design with a stainless steel case and a rotating bezel for easy navigation.
  1. Variety of Sizes:
  • Available in multiple sizes, including 41mm and 45mm, to cater to different wrist preferences.
  1. Stunning Display:
  • Equipped with a vivid and vibrant Super AMOLED display, providing sharp visuals and vibrant colors.
  1. Health and Fitness Tracking:
  • Comprehensive health and fitness tracking features, including heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, blood oxygen level measurement, and stress tracking.
  1. ECG and Blood Pressure Monitoring:
  • Offers electrocardiogram (ECG) functionality for monitoring heart health, as well as blood pressure monitoring.
  1. Built-in GPS:
  • Integrated GPS for accurate tracking of outdoor activities and navigation without needing a connected smartphone.
  1. Advanced Running Metrics:
  • Provides detailed running metrics, including VO2 max readings, running form analysis, and real-time pace coaching.
  1. Workout Tracking:
  • Supports tracking for a wide range of workouts and activities, making it a versatile fitness companion.
  1. Fall Detection:
  • Features fall detection, which can automatically send an alert with your location to selected contacts in case of a fall.
  1. Smartwatch Functionality:
    • Seamlessly integrates with your smartphone for notifications, calls, and app alerts. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
  2. Long Battery Life:
    • Offers impressive battery life, allowing users to go for several days on a single charge, depending on usage.
  3. Water Resistance:
    • Water-resistant design with a 5ATM rating, making it suitable for swimming and water activities.
  4. LTE Connectivity:
    • LTE variant available for standalone connectivity, allowing you to make calls and stream music without being tethered to a smartphone.
  5. Customizable Watch Faces:
    • Choose from a variety of customizable watch faces to personalize the look and feel of your Galaxy Watch 3.
  6. Samsung Pay:
    • Supports Samsung Pay for convenient contactless payments using the watch.

These features collectively make the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 a versatile and powerful smartwatch catering to users with a focus on both style and functionality.

Galaxy Watch 3 Detailed Specs!

SIM SupportNo
Dimensions42.5 x 41.0 x 11.3 mm
Strap MaterialN/A
Water ResistantYes
Weight48.2 g
Operating SystemDual-Core 1.15GHz Tizen
ModesAccelerometer, Barometer, Gyro Sensor, Light Sensor, Optical Heart Rate Sensor
Screen Size1.2 inches
Screen Resolution360 x 360
Screen TypeSuper AMOLED
Ram1 GB
Rom8 GB
Wifi802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
Capacity247 mAh
Battery LifeOver 43 Hours

Galaxy Watch Active2 (40mm)

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