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Mibro-Air: Soar to New Heights of Style and Functionality with the Latest Smartwatch Marvel!

Mibro Air Price: Rs 5,999/-

Mibro Air

Mibro Air – Embark on a journey of style and technological prowess with the Air, a cutting-edge smartwatch that transcends conventional boundaries. As the latest addition to Mibro’s impressive lineup, the Air is poised to redefine your wristwear experience with its sleek design and advanced functionalities. This lightweight yet feature-packed smartwatch is crafted to cater to the needs of modern individuals who demand both style and substance in their wearables. Join us as we explore the exceptional features that make the Air a true marvel, promising to elevate your daily life with a perfect fusion of innovation and elegance on your wrist.

Optimized Design for Lifestyle
The Mibro watch is not just a timepiece; it’s a versatile accessory crafted for 24/7 wear in various environments. With a slim and lightweight metal body, wearing the Mibro Air is so comfortable that you might forget it’s on your wrist. Its practical design ensures a seamless integration into your daily life, providing both style and functionality.

Intuitive Navigation with Rotating Dial
Experience hassle-free navigation with the Mibro Air’s rotating dial, complementing its touch screen display. This dynamic feature allows users to effortlessly cycle between various Mibro smartwatch apps, enhancing the overall user experience with intuitive controls.

Personalized Watch Faces
Elevate your style with the Mibro smartwatch by customizing your watch faces. Choose from a range of colorful faces, each boasting a unique pattern and design. Tailor your smartwatch to match your mood, outfit, or occasion, adding a personal touch to your wearable technology.

Professional Sports Modes
Unleash your athletic potential with the Mibro Air Watch’s 12 professional sports modes. Whether you’re into tennis, football, or basic workouts like walking and cycling, this smartwatch provides accurate fitness data and insightful suggestions tailored to your chosen activity.

24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring
Built on Xiaomi’s legacy of fitness trackers, the Mibro Air smartwatch features an inbuilt PPG sensor for intelligent 24/7 heart rate monitoring. Gain valuable insights into your health status at any given time, empowering you to make informed decisions about your well-being.

Advanced Sleep Monitoring
Unlock the secrets to a healthier nighttime routine with the Mibro watch’s advanced sleep monitoring feature. Track both the duration and quality of your sleep, enabling you to take proactive measures for improved sleep patterns and overall well-being. With the Mibro Air, your journey to a healthier lifestyle begins with comprehensive insights and personalized functionality.

Mibro Air Detailed Specs!

SIM SupportNo
Dimensions42 × 20 × 9.2 mm
Strap MaterialMetal + ABS + Rubber
Water ResistantIP68
Weight40 g
Operating SystemProprietary OS
Modes12 Sports Modes
Screen Size1.28 Inches
Screen Resolution240 X 240 pixel
Screen TypeTFT
Battery Life25 Days

Mibro T1

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