T10 Ultra Bluetooth Calling Watch

T10 Ultra Bluetooth Calling Watch

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T10-Ultra Bluetooth Calling Watch: Seamlessly Connect and Communicate in Style – Elevate Your Tech Experience with Innovative Features and Modern Design!

T10 Ultra Bluetooth Calling Watch Price: Rs.2,599/-

T10 Ultra Bluetooth Calling Watch

T10 Ultra Bluetooth Calling Watch Key Features:

  1. Bluetooth Calling Capability: Enjoy the convenience of making and receiving calls directly from your wrist with the T10 Ultra Bluetooth Calling Watch, providing a hands-free communication experience.
  2. Contemporary Design: The T10 Ultra boasts a contemporary design, blending style with modern functionality to create a fashionable and tech-savvy accessory.
  3. Vivid Touchscreen Display: Immerse yourself in a vibrant visual experience with the vivid touchscreen display, offering clear visibility and responsive touch controls for effortless navigation.
  4. Comprehensive Health Monitoring: Prioritize your well-being with comprehensive health tracking features, including real-time heart rate monitoring, sleep analysis, blood oxygen level measurement, and more, offering insights into your overall health.
  5. Premium Build Quality: Crafted with premium materials, the T10 Ultra ensures a durable build, providing both style and resilience for daily wear.
  6. Extended Battery Life: Stay connected for longer periods with the T10 Ultra’s extended battery life, reducing the need for frequent charging and ensuring reliable performance throughout the day.
  7. Intelligent Fitness Tracking: Elevate your fitness routines with intelligent fitness tracking capabilities, offering accurate step counting, calorie tracking, and a variety of workout modes tailored to different exercises.
  8. Water-Resistant Construction: Designed to handle everyday activities, the T10 Ultra is water-resistant, allowing you to wear it confidently during workouts, outdoor adventures, or in varying weather conditions.
  9. Seamless Bluetooth Connectivity: Stay effortlessly connected with seamless Bluetooth connectivity, enabling real-time notifications, calls, and messages to be conveniently displayed on your wrist.
  10. Built-In Microphone and Speaker: Experience clear communication with the built-in microphone and speaker, ensuring that your calls are crisp and audible directly from your smartwatch.
  11. Built-In GPS: Explore confidently with built-in GPS functionality, providing accurate location tracking and route mapping for outdoor activities and adventures.
  12. Customizable Watch Faces: Personalize your smartwatch experience with a variety of customizable watch faces, allowing you to express your style and match your device to different occasions.
  13. Smart App Integration: Access a variety of smart applications directly from your wrist, enhancing productivity and convenience with quick and easy access to essential functions.
  14. Music Control: Manage your music playback with ease, controlling your favorite tunes directly from the T10 Ultra Bluetooth Calling Watch, enhancing your workout sessions and daily activities.
  15. Quick Charge Feature: Minimize downtime with the quick charge feature, ensuring your T10 Ultra is ready for action in a short amount of time.

The T10 Ultra Bluetooth Calling Watch seamlessly integrates communication, style, and smart features, offering a sleek and connected experience for the modern individual.

T10 Ultra Bluetooth Calling Watch Details!

SIM SupportN/A
Dimensions49 x 43.5 x 15mm
Strap MaterialSilicon
Water ResistantN/A
Operating SystemProprietary OS
ModesMultiple sports modes
Screen Size2.09 inches
Screen Resolution320 x 385
Screen TypeFull-Touch
Battery Life2-3 days

Ultra 10 Smart Watch

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