Old PTA Taxes on Popular Phones: What You Should Know

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The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) primarily facilitates technical aspects through its Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS). This serves as the official channel for individuals to register their mobile phones in Pakistan, necessitating the payment of associated taxes and duties.

The collection and management of these taxes fall under the purview of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), with the funds allocated back to the FBR for various purposes. These levies are specifically earmarked for devices entering Pakistan, and there’s an ongoing trend of the government adjusting these taxes upwards regularly. The overarching aim is to discourage the importation of phones from other nations, promoting local production by encouraging companies to manufacture phones within Pakistan.

For individuals utilizing SIM card-based devices, taxes are determined by the model and brand of the phone. Compliant with PTA regulations, only phones that have fulfilled their tax obligations are permitted to use local SIM cards. To simplify the process for users, a PTA Tax Calculator for the year 2024 is provided below.

“Breaking Down PTA Taxes on Popular Phones in Pakistan:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8:
  • Passport: PKR 31,520
  • ID Card: PKR 40,500
  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9:
  • Passport: PKR 31,520
  • ID Card: PKR 40,500
  1. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus:
  • Passport: PKR 17,660
  • ID Card: PKR 22,800
  1. Samsung A50:
  • Passport: PKR 6,180
  • ID Card: PKR 7,865
  1. Samsung A71:
  1. Apple iPhone 6/6 Plus (32/64/128GB):
  • Passport: PKR 9,900
  • ID Card: PKR 11,500
  1. Apple iPhone 6s/6s Plus (32/64/128GB):
  • Passport: PKR 6,180
  • ID Card: PKR 7,865
  • Passport: PKR 13,950
  • ID Card: PKR 16,500
  1. Samsung A51:
  • Passport: PKR 6,180
  • ID Card: PKR 7,865

Stay informed about the PTA taxes to ensure a smooth mobile experience!

Breaking News: FBR Sets New PTA Tax Rates on Mobile Imports! Devices valued between $100-$200 face a flat rate of Rs25,000, while phones exceeding $500 attract charges of Rs72,500 (on Passport) and Rs85,500 (on ID). Stay Informed!

How To Check PTA Status Of Your Mobile Phones Online

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