Apple iPhone 15 Price in Pakistan 2024

iPhone 15 Prices and PTA Tax Information in Pakistan

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Apple launched the iPhone 15 series last month, and it has rapidly become a favorite among iPhone enthusiasts, thanks to its cutting-edge features and impressive upgrades. The iPhone 15 series includes the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max, each offering unique enhancements catering to various user preferences.

The new iPhone 15 models boast more ‘Pro’ features than previous versions, including seamless multitasking capabilities, a powerful 48MP camera, and a sleek satin-finished design. Additionally, these models come with a standard charging port, enhancing their user-friendly appeal. The advanced A17 Bionic chip provides exceptional performance and energy efficiency, making the devices faster and more reliable.

In Pakistan, iPhone devices are priced exorbitantly high, but this has not dampened their demand. They are available on easy installment plans through various banks, making them more accessible to a broader audience. Various retailers and online platforms also offer trade-in options, allowing customers to exchange their old devices for a discount on the new iPhone 15. Despite the high prices, Apple iPhones remain a status symbol, and the iPhone 15 lineup has garnered significant attention with its new features.

Globally, the starting price for the iPhone 15 is $799. However, in Pakistan, prices are considerably higher due to heavy taxation. The increased demand for these phones has led to further price hikes in the country, where Apple devices are already expensive because of these taxes. This trend underscores the strong appeal of the iPhone 15 series, despite the financial challenges consumers face in acquiring them.

Moreover, the introduction of 5G technology in the iPhone 15 series has significantly improved internet speeds and connectivity, providing users with a more seamless online experience. The enhanced battery life ensures that users can enjoy these features for longer periods without needing to recharge frequently. These innovations have contributed to the growing popularity of the iPhone 15 series, solidifying its position as a top choice for smartphone users worldwide.

In conclusion, Apple’s latest iPhone 15 series has set a new standard for smartphones, combining advanced technology with elegant design. Despite the higher prices in Pakistan, the demand for these devices remains strong, reflecting the enduring appeal of the iPhone brand. With continued support from banks and retailers offering installment plans and trade-in options, more consumers are likely to embrace the iPhone 15, further boosting its popularity in the market.

Apple iPhone 15 Price in Pakistan 2024

iPhone 15 ProRs511,364

Apple iPhone 15 PTA Tax

ModelPTA Tax with PassportPTA Tax with CNIC
Apple iPhone 15Rs107,325Rs130,708
Apple iPhone 15 PlusRs113,075Rs137,033
Apple iPhone 15 ProRs135,300Rs161,480
Apple iPhone 15 Pro MaxRs148,500Rs176,000
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