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If most of us were to think about it, we would probably name our cell phone as the most useful device we own. Certainly a car is indispensable for the millions of us who neither live within walking distance of everything imaginable nor have direct access to an active rail system, but a cell phone performs so many functions and costs so little in comparison that every other gadget and belonging is suspect of significant under achievement. Indeed, with a good cell phone plan, the phone itself is often completely cost free.
From placing calls from virtual anywhere and at any time to surfing the internet and checking e-mail cell phones are certainly work horses for many of us. Of course, there is another face to these tiny devices. Increasingly entertainment functions have been assumed by these same gadgets. From shooting pictures, watching video, and enjoying favorite tunes they are now part of our repertoire of diversions in our busy lives.
With increases in memory, connectivity, and screen capabilities other functions have been taken on for the entertainment of users. One of the emerging favorites among cell phone owners is the capability of playing games. Recent reports indicate that hardcore gamers aren't the only ones to make use of this function. Many cell phone owners are finding the joy of using cell phone games to take the bite out of a long wait whether between classes, in a long line, during a commute, or simply a break in activity.
The games available for use on a cell phone vary from simple card games, trivia, puzzles, memory and logic challenges, to sports and adventure types of games. The complexity of games continues to increase as 3D games and games requiring connectivity with other players begin to take center stage with more experienced gamers. Although many users enjoy simply challenging themselves to the basic games, others prefer to interact with others during play via Bluetooth connectivity or texting while others take the next step and engage in online tournaments.
For those who wish to experiment with cell phone games getting started is very simple. Most cell phones now come with some basic games embedded in them. These games have no cost and do not use up precious cell phone plan minutes so the enjoyment is there for the taking. Other game options are available of course on line and can be discovered by doing a simple search on "mobile phone games". Downloading from a site is simple and quick although there is usually a fee of course. Most sites offer downloads for a monthly charge in the neighborhood of $4 to $6 or an annual fee which offers greater savings.
Certainly, most of us won't be converting to hardcore gaming but the simple diversion of cell phone games may be a justifiable and cost effective form of entertainment that is already available on our hard working cell phones if we choose to make use of it.

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