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International Roaming

Mobal costs are higher than those country specific SIM cards and this alternative is not suitable for all mobile phone subscribers. Mobal International Roaming SIM card is not a pre-paid service, but a "pay as you go" offer, where the expenses that you incur are billed monthly and debited to your credit card. Mobal rates are usually cheaper than your service provider company that rents you a phone and SIM card on signing a contract, and are also generally the same or lower than the Unites States phone service charges. The hop rates in Mobal are far cheaper than those of Mobal's normal rates, but you need to be equipped with a hop number and a hop SIM card would cost you $99, which would include $15 worth of talk time credit.
Mobal International SIM Card might be a better choice if your phone usage is less than two hours or so, while you are travelling. If you anticipate heavy usage and frequent travel outside the United States, hop SIM card may be an option for you for its lower call charges. Mobal International SIM card is not a pre-paid service like your country specific pre-paid SIM cards, as mentioned above, and while being free of charge to buy, the delivery has different costs. You may like to visit www.planetomni.com for more details and look at the different delivery costs of the SIM card. Mobal International SIM Card is serviced by 320 networks over 160 countries in the world and allows GPRS data calls.
Mobal is based in the United Kingdom and the SIM card is offered by that company. The telephone number that you get on buying such a SIM card is a UK based number. When calling a mobile phone with a Mobal International SIM card from the United States, you need to dial ‘011’ followed by the country code which is ‘44’ and then the mobile number. While dialing the mobile phone number you would need to omit the '0' in front of the UK number. When you call abroad from your handset having a Mobal International SIM Card, you simply dial '00' followed by the country code and the phone number.
The following are some specifics of Mobal International SIM card, subject to changes -
Call rates are in US dollars per minute.?
There are no roaming charges? or hidden extras.
Calls to other Mobal GSM cell phones are charged as calls? to UK.
Calls to satellite phone are charged at $10.50 per minute.?
? Outgoing SMS text messages are charged at $0.80 per message, while incoming messages are free.
No monthly fees.?
No minimum usage? requirements.
Mobal International SIM card works over 160 countries in the? world.
You keep the same number every time you travel outside the United? States.
Itemised billing and free technical service.?
You get a free? $10 starter talk time credit along with the SIM card.
Data connectivity? available over 50 countries.
In order to activate your Mobal service -
Visit www.simactivations.com and activate your SIM card online.?
You? will consequently receive your world phone number.
When you have reached? your destination, insert the SIM card in your phone.
Be sure that your? mobile is fully charged.
Switch on your phone and start calling.?
The process of billing is as follows -
When you buy a Mobal International SIM Card, the purchase price is debited? to your credit card prior to shipping.
As and when your call data is? received, the charges are debited to your credit card.
You will receive? fully itemised billing along with the details of the charges debited.
There? are no annual or monthly fees. You pay for your call charges and when you do not use the SIM card, you do not pay a cent.
While using Mobal International SIM Card, you need to have a GSM handset, complying with the network frequency bands that are used in the countries that you are visiting. This would mean that your handset should be able to work on the frequency bandwidths used by the networks of the countries that you are visiting. If you have a GSM mobile handset, it is unlikely that it would work in majority of the countries that you are visiting, except a very few. North American and Canadian networks operate on on 850MHz and 1900MHz frequency bands, which are not the frequency bands used in most part of the world. Therefore, it is required that you have a GSM phone which is compatible with the frequency bands used by the countries that you are visiting.
In case you are a frequent international traveller, you may opt for a Quad-band or Tri-band GSM handset, which will cover the countries of your visit. While the Quad-band complies with all the GSM frequency bands, a Tri-band GSM mobile phone operates on 800MHz, 900MHz and 1800MHz frequency bands. There is another type, which is called the Dual-band handset, working on 800MHz and 1900 MHz. Therefore, it is better that you take proper care to ensure that the phone that you are taking with you conforms to the frequency bands of the countries that you are visiting. If you are an infrequent international traveller, you may consider renting a GSM phone. If you would want more information about buying or renting a GSM phone, visit www.planetomni.com/FAQ_gsm.shtml for details.
A Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card holds unique information regarding your call plan, the mobile that you are using, the SIM card details, your telephone number, the SIM International Circuit Card ID (ICCID) and many more. When you switch on your phone, with the Mobal International SIM card, this information is transmitted to the relevant network of the country that you are in. The details are verified by the network and if it passes, you are logged in. You are now ready to make and receive calls. The SIM card is a little smaller than postage stamp and is essentially a printed circuit board, consisting of a microprocessor with memory. This SIM card is uniquely identified by the network and the information travels with you which ever country that you may be visiting one after the other. The SIM card also has an address book where you put in the telephone numbers of the people that you frequently call and also has a feature to log your incoming and outgoing calls, along with their numbers, and the dates and time of those calls.
In using the Mobal International SIM card, you would need to have a SIM unlocked phone. If your phone is SIM locked, it would not work with any other SIM card other than the one which it is meant for. Suppose you have entered into a contract with a service provider and one of the clauses of that contract stipulated that you need to stay with that service provider for a period of time, which is likely to be one year. On signing the contract, you had received a mobile handset, free of cost and a SIM card. The mobile handset would be SIM locked and would only work with the SIM card that you had received from the service provider. In this way the service provider ensures that you use only their SIM card. At the end of the contract period, the service provider helps you to unlock your phone and it is only then you can use your phone with any SIM card of your choice. Therefore, whether you buy, rent or take your phone along with you, you will need to ensure that the phone that you are taking is SIM unlocked, as otherwise your Mobal International SIM Card may not work with that phone.
Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) is the first digital mobile communication system after the analog version prevalent before GSM. The technology works on frequency bands - 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 1900 MHz. GSM frequency bands are allocated differently to the countries in the world, with exceptions of some common frequency bands operated by networks in some countries. In order to comply with all or most of the frequency bands, GSM phone is available in multi-frequency bands, so that these can be compatible with multiple bands of the related countries that you visit. GSM technology provides seamless connectivity over 210 countries and is being used by over 80% of the total number of mobile subscribers in the world. GSM has extended satellite telephony service in the areas where basic infrastructure of telephone communication is not present.

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