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Cell Phone Plans

Today you can not go anywhere without seeing people talking on cell phones. Everyone has a cell phone from young children to senior citizens and we are all talking on them at an ever staggering rate.
People have come to appreciate and realize the benefit of being able to communicate wireless from almost anywhere in the world where there is a communication tower. And now, many of the international phones link directly to satellites so you do not need the communication towers.
It seems that there are dozens of companies that have a cell phone plan that you can purchase. The ads are on television, radio, bus signs. and even billboards. But the most important advertisement is the people walking around using them. So, you now want to get your own cell phone plan but do not know where to start. There is so much information that you are confused. Every company is telling you that they provide the best service, most minutes and least dropped calls than their competitors - but who can you believe?
The easiest way to figure this out is to go to your local mall and stop into each store that sells cell phone plans. Get their representative to provide you with an overview of the products and services and to explain each of the benefits you would receive if you signed a contract with them. Give them time to run a network check to ensure that their cell phone plan works in your area and have them demonstrate the different features on any phone you are interested in purchasing.
Now, do this for each of the major carriers and make sure you get written information on each company's products, guarantees, cancellation policy, and overall services. It is easy to be told something in a store, but a few months later if you encounter a problem, you want to be able to work with someone to resolve it.
The cell phone plans are similar and include a single line, a family share program, your favorite 5 option and many others. The companies are constantly coming up with new promotions to try to get you to purchase a contract from them.
There are several basic telephones that most companies carry and they do the same things. Each product has several different accessories you can purchase to make your life easier. These include a car charger, extra carrying case, headsets, face plates, Bluetooth capability, extra battery pack and many others. There are even prepaid cell phones. These offer the user the option of paying 'up front' each month for their services. When they use up all of the prepaid money, the phone will no longer work until more money is sent. This can be good if you have a young adult and you want to curtail their minutes.

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